What’s the best material to build a verandah from?

Best Verandah Material


During the Australian summer, there is nothing better than having a verandah. Being able to enjoy the Australian climate with comfort and peace is one of the privileges every Australian homeowner should have. If you are itching to add an outdoor entertaining area to your home, consider an Adelaide verandah.


At SA Quality Home Improvements we believe that the best material to build a verandah with is BlueScope Colorbond steel. With amazing resident capabilities, this material not only looks great but functions great as a protective material. There are a few reasons we are in love with these materials, all of which will have you wondering why you haven’t used it sooner!



The iron sheets are incredibly durable. Compared to roofing materials such as tiles, which can be damaged by falling debris, iron can withstand impact to some degree. The durability of this material simply means it will last for years to come, and this is just one of the reasons we choose to use it!


This also means you won’t have to constantly make alterations and changes to your roof and can enjoy your free time without the added stress of constant roof fixes!



The sheets are lightweight, which means they are easy to manoeuvre for our installers. This will benefit you in the long run, as it is reflected in the installation price. However, the simple make-up of the material does not affect its protective capabilities, and although it is light, it is incredibly strong and resistant.



One of the preferable things about colorbond is its range of colours. This attribute and namesake of the material gives homeowners or builders an undisputed range of colour options that will fulfil any design prospect or vision. Whether it is to match your home or to create a bold feature component for your home, there will be a colour that suits your needs. So although it is just one material, colorbond have multiple choices for every Australian.



Some roofing materials can be quite expensive. On top of all of these benefits, is a cost-effective price. The price of the material is low, and we are competitive on price. So if you decide to construct a verandah with this as your roofing material, you know that you will be receiving a great deal with an extremely competitive quote.


At SA Quality Home Improvements, we love Colorbond, and we believe that you will too. With a long list of incredible traits, a low price and an awesome look, your new verandah will be the envy of all your friends and family. For a free measure and quote, call SA Quality Home Improvements today!


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