What different roofing styles are available

What roofing styles are available in Adelaide?


Walking down an Adelaide street, you are likely to see a few different roof types. Not in terms of material, but in terms of design. Whether it is Colourbond, polycarbonate or tile, there are a few basic roofing styles that you might see used in roofing on an Australian home.


At SA Quality Home Improvements, we work with all different materials in a range of different designs. If you are building a home, looking to re-roof your Adelaide home, we have an option that suits your needs. The following are four different roofing designs that you are likely to see right here in Adelaide.



A gabled roof is sometimes referred to as a pitched roof or a peak roof. This is a common option in Australia, and it involves the standard triangular shape – meeting at a point much higher than the interior ceiling. Not only is this option common, but it creates functionality for your home. With efficient water runoff and extended storage space, in the form of an attic, a gabled roof with iron or tiles is common for new homes around the country.



A flat roof is built in conjunction with a form of gabled roof. Commonly used for carports, verandahs and pergolas, a flat roof is usually comprised of iron. It is common to see flat roofs in Australia, as they provide adequate cover for outdoor entertaining and vehicles. Flat roofs have to be installed with care, as they still need to be functional. At SA Quality Home Improvements, we have ample experience working with flat roofs.



A less common option, curved roofs are a new and contemporary style of roofing used with iron and polycarbonate materials. Although you may not be seeing this kind of roof on every corner, it is becoming more popular. While this provides a soft composition to your home, many homeowners are unaware that this design is possible.


With rolled iron, this design will provide all of the protection necessary, as well as the functionality of any regular roofing design.



Hipped roofs are similar to gabled roofs. The sides all meet at a higher ridge or peak. However, this design commonly involves the roof extending further than the exterior walls of the house. These eves provide additional cover and shade, and are very common in Australia. The verandah of sorts provides functionality and efficiency for the roof.


These styles of roof may or may not be possible for your particular home. If you want to understand more about what kind of roof will suit your new home, give the team at SA Quality Home Improvements a call. We will be able to tell you everything you need to know about different roofing systems. Request a quote online today.  

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