Why roofing is more than just a roof over your head.


It’s easy to dismiss roofing as a necessary component of your house that needs little-to-no attention; however, sufficient roofing materials house a range of capabilities that can do so much more than just enclose your home. The following is just a couple of the reasons that your roof is, and should be, the most important component of your home.



Naturally, durable roofing will protect your home from the outside world. But you may not have considered that a strong roof can protect your home from intruders. It is not uncommon for burglars to try and enter the premises through the ceiling, and with some roofing materials, this isn’t all that difficult. Roofing tiles can be removed with ease, and some roofing sheets can be easy to break through.


With roofing constructed with Colorbond Steel, the tamper-proof screws that the team at SA Quality Home Improvements use to secure the material, ensure the security for years to come. Although it is something you may not have considered, a roof restoration might be what you need for an added layer of safety.


Protecting your home

Roofing is so important because it protects everything inside your home from damage. Yes, you may have a roof, but if you have something made of strong, durable and effective materials the people inside, your possessions and the wellbeing of the rest of your home, will all be protected. Putting consideration into the state of your roof can be the difference between your walls, flooring and furniture being ruined from leaking.


To protect the longevity of your home, and to ensure that the most prominent investment of your life isn’t ruined, an effective roof is the answer. Similarly, a roof that is well maintained will avoid any damage to your inner ceiling – and therefore prevent repairs and unsafe conditions.



From the street, your roof is the largest thing that can be seen. So not only is it important that your roof encapsulates your home, it should look good. There a number of reasons for considering the aesthetic of your roof; one, it is important for resale value, two, who doesn’t want to be proud of how their home looks.


Colorbond Bluescope steel is a double-edged sword. Yes, it is strong and will prevent intruders and the elements from gaining access to your home, but it also comes is a vast range of colours. This is why, when your roof is comprised of materials like steel, it becomes so much more than just a cover for your home.


The importance of your roof cannot be understated. If you think that the roof that you currently have doesn’t quite cut it regarding durability and look, it might be time to consider a roof restoration. Give the experienced roofing team at SA Quality Home Improvements a call today and request a quote.  


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