How a Professionally-Constructed Verandah Can Add Value To Your Adelaide Property

Increase Your Property Value With A New Verandah

While an alteration to your property may serve a functional purpose, there is always the secondary purpose of adding value. Your home is your biggest asset, so every decision you make should involve consideration about how it will affect the overall cost.

Adding a brand new professionally-constructed verandah can add immense value to your property, should you see in the years to come. Rather than undertaking a more substantial renovation or extension, a new verandah can add value without breaking the bank in the initial stages. If you are looking for a professionally constructed verandah to add value to your home, look no further!

Additional Living Area

Essentially, a professionally installed, high-quality verandah adds more living and entertaining space to your property. Adding more space means a higher value for your home. Larger verandahs often operate as a second entertaining area, which means that the property becomes suitable for larger families. With the bonus of outdoor entertaining, buyers will view the property with more recreational options.

The way you use your verandah space is entirely up to you, and when you sell your property or have it valued, the area will be a versatile space for multiple functions.


Nowadays, there is more technology available than ever before, and many South Australian homeowners are using this technology to create verandahs that feel like the indoors. Ventilation systems, sound systems and a range of lighting options mean that your verandah can still encapsulate the outdoors while having the comfort of natural living space.

The addition of these features will similarly complement the value of the home while providing you with more entertainment options for your outdoor area.


The reality is that verandahs come in a range of different sizes. Depending on the orientation of your home and your block, you may have the opportunity to construct a verandah that is quite large. If this is the case, you stand to add the maximum amount of value to your property for this alteration. It also gives you more versatility and enjoyment as you can use your new verandah space for more functions.


If you choose to undertake your professional verandah construction with SA Quality Home Improvements, you will want to use some of the industries’ most durable products. If you are not sure when the time to sell might come, using high-quality materials will ensure that the value added by your verandah will maintain.

A professionally constructed verandah by SA Quality Home Improvements is a great way to add value to your Adelaide property. With a cooperative and diligent service, your home will be better off after working with SA Quality Home Improvements.

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