Can I Get A Roof Restoration When it’s Wet?

Roof Restoration In Adelaide If you’re finding that your Adelaide roof is in desperate need of a roof restoration during the heart of an Adelaide Winter, you may be a little concerned if the job can be completed in such wet weather conditions. However, the answer is yes! At SA Quality Home Improvements, we have […]


Does Your Adelaide Commercial Property Need a Roof Restoration?

Roof Restoration Adelaide No matter what type of business you have, ensuring your commercial building’s roof is in prime condition should always be at the top of your priority list. As an employer, you have a duty of care to provide your employees with a safe place to work, as well as ensuring your inventory […]


How Do Self-Cleaning Pools work

Self-Cleaning Pools   It’s every Adelaide swimming pool owner’s dream to have a self-cleaning swimming pool. Imagine never having to set up the creepy crawly ever again? Or spending less time having to adjust the chemical levels? It was only a dream, until Compass Pools and SA Quality Home Improvements made it a reality. At […]


Things to Consider Before Installing a Swimming Pool

Swimming Pools In Adelaide   Swimming pools in Adelaide give us the ultimate joy during the warmer months. There’s nothing better than diving into the pool to wash off a hard day’s work, or splashing around with the kids. However, as exciting as installing a swimming pool may be there are some serious things to […]


Things You Should Know About Roller Shutters in Adelaide

Adelaide Roller Shutters So you’ve heard about the many benefits of installing roller shutters to your Adelaide home. Well, first of all, great choice! But secondly, have you looked into things such as the type of roller shutter you’ll be getting and the cost? At SA Quality Home Improvements, we have been providing the residents […]


Are Roller Shutters Good Security

Roller Shutters In Adelaide With 1 in 40 Australian residents every year, home intrusion has become a growing problem. Many homeowners in Adelaide think that investing in security doors and adding extra locks is enough, but what about your windows? Roller shutters are quickly becoming a popular home addition in Adelaide for the safety conscious […]


How your Roofing Impacts the Value of your Adelaide Home

First impressions count, how your roofing impacts the value of your Adelaide Home Whether you are buying or selling, one of the core components of your home or a home you are considering buying, is the roofing system. For protection, look and functionality of your home, there is no understating the importance of your roof […]


Four signs you need a roofing health check in Adelaide

Why Would you Need a Roofing Health Check in Adelaide?   At SA Quality Home Improvements, we believe that your roof is the most protective and important component of your home. A good roofing system will prevent water damage (which can be costly and hazardous), and other issues related to sun exposure. When your roof […]


What’s the best material to build a verandah from?

Best Verandah Material   During the Australian summer, there is nothing better than having a verandah. Being able to enjoy the Australian climate with comfort and peace is one of the privileges every Australian homeowner should have. If you are itching to add an outdoor entertaining area to your home, consider an Adelaide verandah.   […]


What different roofing styles are available

What roofing styles are available in Adelaide?   Walking down an Adelaide street, you are likely to see a few different roof types. Not in terms of material, but in terms of design. Whether it is Colourbond, polycarbonate or tile, there are a few basic roofing styles that you might see used in roofing on […]

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