Roller Shutters for Privacy and Protection

Roller Shutters provide Privacy and Protection for your Home 


Roller shutters have become increasingly popular in recent times amongst business and homeowners. Business owners mainly use them for their added security purposes. However, roller shutters are not limited to the commercial landscape. Homeowners are turning towards domestic models for their privacy and protection advantages. Here are five reasons why roller shutters are your home’s privacy and protection solution.


  1.    Home Security

With Australian crime rates are increasing. With over 200,000 robberies every year it’s no wonder homeowners are looking for home security solutions. According to SAPOL 2017 saw almost thirteen thousand cases of serious criminal trespass in South Australia alone. With these alarming burglary rates, roller shutters prove to be a valuable and worthwhile investment for your home or business.


Here at SA Quality Home Improvements, we offer roller shutter options that prove to be a deterrent to potential theft. Aside from providing your home with security and you and your family with peace of mind, they also offer you financial and lifestyle benefits.


  1.    Control Over Natural Light and Your Home Privacy

Installing roller shutters gives you control over the amount of natural light you wish to let into your home. Easily brighten your indoor space by having them up, or keep your home cool during a hot Adelaide heatwave by leaving them down. It’s up to you!


Roller shutters allow you to give your home some added privacy. Shutters are an ideal option for your home if you are not positioned in a secluded area. Preventing unwanted window peepers.


  1.    Sun Protection

Australian summers result in intense heat. Many feel that installing blinds or curtains is enough to block the unwanted heat. What many don’t realise is that the glass from your windows absorb this heat and pass it on to your curtains and blinds resulting in a less than the cool home interior.


Making a move to roller shutters provides you with protection from the heat as well as the harmful UV rays coming from the sun. Roller shutters absorb the sun and prevent your home from absorbing it. Shutters are not only a practical choice in Summer but also prove to be beneficial during the cooler months by preventing heat from escaping your home, in turn saving on your heating and cooling costs.


  1.    Added Protection Against Bushfires

If you live in Australia chances are you know our summers are hot. This mixed with our rural and dry landscapes can sometimes result in devastating bushfires. If you live in a bushfire zone, installing shutters on your windows is a preventative measure that is worth investing in to protect your home and its contents against fire.


Glass windows are still vulnerable in the case of a fire as wind can carry radiant heat that can shatter your windows allowing embers fly in and start a fire within your home.


At SA Quality Home Improvements all of our aluminium roller shutters are properly rated providing you with reliable protection for your glass windows.


For the best service and quality in roller shutters, give the team at SA Quality Home Improvements a call today.


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