Reasons to Install Roller Shutters in Your Adelaide Home

Why You Should Install Roller Shutters in Your Adelaide Home


A time ago roller shutters were only ever seen on industrial and commercial buildings. Often seen as bulky and unattractive, the only thing going for them was their practical security benefits. Today window shutters are not only a functional addition to your home but also a stylish one. Recent times has seen shutters becoming increasingly popular amongst the Adelaide residential community. We’ve listed five reasons why you should install roller shutters to your home:



Roller Shutters are a versatile solution for your Adelaide home all year round. They’ll keep your home fresh in summer and insulated during the winter months. This proves to be a desired benefit during the hot Australian summer months when heat is pouring through your windows, and your air conditioner is working overtime to keep your space cool. Making a move to shutters will allow you to save money on your heating and cooling costs.


Noise Reduction


Not only will shutters block out natures elements, but they also offer considerable noise reduction. This is perfect if you’re situated near a busy main road, live in the city, or just want your home to have some added tranquillity.


If your home is built alongside an adjoining property or you live amongst a block of units, shutters allow you to block out background noise by up to 50 percent and provide you with ultimate privacy.




South Australia saw over thirteen thousand cases of criminal trespass on residential and commercial land in 2017. These numbers are alarming, and it’s no wonder, so many South Australians are taking more preventative measures to protect their homes and businesses. Roller shutters have proven time and time again to be a worthwhile security investment for your property.


At SA Quality Home Improvements, we supply our customers with roller shutter options that add quality security to their homes. Giving you the peace of mind you deserve.


Lower Insurance Premiums


When you invest in quality home security, you can potentially reduce your contents insurance premium. Insurance companies will view your home as a low-risk target for break-ins. With this added protection you can ask for discounts on your home insurance rates.


Enhance Your Homes Aesthetic Appeal


Here at SA Quality Home Improvements, our selection of roller shutters come in a wide array of colours and styles, meaning there is something to suit every Adelaide home. Mounting roller shutters to your windows can also increase your homes visual appeal, proving to be especially beneficial when and if you choose to put your house on the market.


The many benefits of roller shutters go far beyond home security. If you’re looking to learn more about roller shutters for your home or business, contact the team at SA Quality Home Improvements today. Our expert team are here to help you determine your ideal security solution.


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