Not all roofing in Adelaide is equal, here’s why.

Why Not all Roofing is Equal


Walking through any residential Adelaide suburb, you are likely to see a range of home designs from different eras and inspirations. One thing that is often different from home to home is the roof. Whether it is the shape, the profile or the material, roofs can vary dramatically from home to home.


At SA Quality Home Improvements, we have seen just about every roofing option there is and can tell you that the main factor of your roof that affects the composition of your home, is the material choice.  



Tile roofs have been around for decades, and are a common option for residential villas and older properties. Tiles provide an unmatched aesthetic that is perfect for homes looking to maintain an aesthetic that matches the era of their build. However, tiles can be brittle, and are quite heavy and therefore put stress on the rest of the home.


Replacement and repairs can be difficult with this material, and often they are prone to building up moss. However, with correct care and maintenance roofing tiles can last for a long time.



More commonly used for carports and verandahs, you may see sections of polycarbonate acting as skylights on some residential roofs. This plastic composite material comes in a range of shades and colours, however, commonly it maintains an element of transparency.


Although it is durable, strong, and can have a range of reflective and insulating qualities. It is more suited to outdoor/indoor areas, as it has been known to exhibit a glasshouse effect, heating the area below. This contemporary option can provide the perfect ambience when it comes to light, and therefore is becoming the perfect solution for pergolas and verandahs.



At SA Quality Improvements, we are big fans of iron roofing. Specifically, Bluescope steel Colorbond roofing. This material is extremely common in South Australia due to its price, qualities and range. These sheets are extremely durable and lightweight, meaning that they are incredibly protective and difficult to damage. The material has extreme longevity and cost-effectiveness due to the large sheet size, relative ease of installation, and core strength.


At SA Quality Home Improvements we are iron roof specialists in Adelaide. If you are looking for a range of colour choices, a strong material that is cost-effective, colorbond is for you. While polycarbonate and roof tiles are common in their own applications and can be seen across the state, many South Australians are choosing iron.

If you are looking for experience, competitive pricing and efficient service, look no further. At SA Quality Home Improvements, we can help you put your best foot forward by providing you with a protective and aesthetic roofing option. For a free measure and quote, call today!


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