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SA Quality Roofing Services is the most experienced roofing and guttering company in South Australia. Our materials are BlueScope Steel and our work is of the highest standard; installed by skilled tradesmen and guaranteed.

Finish in style

Whatever the style of your home – from the most modern of contemporary designs, to early Australiana, there is a steel roofing colour and style to suit. Whether you use the clean, natural looks of Zincalum®, or the stylish colours of Colorbond®, there are products to enhance and complement your home, both in practicality and good looks.

Lightweight, for top savings

The modern steel roof is lighter, stronger, and easier to erect and maintain than any other contemporary roofing material. High tensile, high strength steel is stronger and much lighter than other roofing materials. It needs less structural support and can represent savings of up to 20% off first fix building costs. Concrete and tiles are up to 10 times as heavy, creating much more stress on walls and foundations.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies have observed that homes with steel roofs can withstand fire and just about any natural weather condition, as well as being intruder proof. The result, lower premiums. SA Quality Roofing Services is also licensed for the removal of asbestos sheeting and cladding.

Top energy efficiency

Buildings are too often warm when you want them cool, and cool when you want them warm, which is expensive to correct with either heating or air conditioning. If you want an energy efficient building, then start with an energy efficient steel roof. You can control natural heat and therefore the need for heating and cooling can be reduced. Passive solar design principals can ensure your building is warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Top Warranty

SA Quality Roofing Services is a recommended heritage contractor and our services are covered by extended warranties. SA Quality Roofing Services use only first grade BlueScope Steel in the manufacturing of roofing materials. It’s good to know that BlueScope Steel offers a warranty on Colorbond® steel of up to 30 years from the date of installation against perforation by weathering in the natural elements and not to flake, peel or blister for a period of up to 12 years from installation*.

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