Why a Colorbond Carport Offers More Value for Money

Installing a Carport in Adelaide

When installing a permanent structure such as a carport in Adelaide, you’ll want to ensure that you’re getting the best value for money possible. Many compare timbers to Colorbond steel when looking to install a new carport on their property. This article looks at the money-saving benefits the Colorbond carports hold against other materials.


What can you use Colorbond Steel for?

Colorbond steel can be used for any project. The material proves to be especially beneficial for projects such as carports, patios and verandas.


When building an outdoor structure, choosing to use steel just makes sense. There’s no need to worry about element exposure and its durability compromised as it would be using timber.

Timber can tend to rot and twist and is susceptible to termites. All of these aspects associated with timber require regular maintenance and monitoring in order to be avoided.


These are simply not an area of concern when using Colorbond steel for your carport.


Colorbond Steel Saves You Money

Often, the assumption is that Colorbond steel is significantly more expensive in comparison to timber, but this is simply not the case.


With the majority of home improvement projects, Colorbond proves to be more cost efficient as the material requires fewer posts and beams than timber when covering a larger area. Particularly when you consider the money you will save yourself on maintenance, repairs or even replacement when using Colorbond as opposed to timber as a structural material.


Colorbond Steel is Essentially Maintenance Free


Colorbond only requires the occasional hose down for cleaning as opposed to timber which is a breeding ground for pests such as spiders and their webs as well as the risk of termites.


Not only is the minimal cleaning aspect appealing, Colorbond requires no need for re-painting due to the corrosion, durability, application and outdoor exposure testing completed. You can rest assured that no amount of harsh sun or rain will diminish the beauty and longevity of your new carport.


Unlike Colorbond steel, it doesn’t matter how many of layers your timber receives the harsh Australian elements will soon take their toll. Colorbond just makes sense!


Carport Styles have Changed Over Time.


Timber structures have become outdated in recent years, and the new generation prefers the modernisation that Colorbond offers.


By choosing to build with Colorbond, you are ensuring that your building a structure that will not only enhance your home’s value but also prevent the need to replace your carport further down the track, saving you money.


SA Quality Home Improvements in Adelaide are the experts in Colorbond carports, so you can rest assured that the team will provide you with the best quality of service and products in Adelaide. Give the team a call today!


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