Why Is Roofing Important in Adelaide?

Just like your home’s foundation, your roof is fundamental to the integrity to your home’s structure. Our properties roofs provide us with shelter and protection, and keep our businesses flourishing and running smoothly. A high quality roof offers you reassurance and durability that a low-quality roof just won’t provide. This is why it is so important to maintain your roof’s integrity and keep it in top condition.


In Adelaide our extreme weather conditions is the principal challenge as far as roofing goes. Heavy rains, hail storms, high winds, and lightning storms all take their toll on your roof and a lesser-quality roof may be compromised in regional weather. By doing physical inspections and regular cleaning you are able to identify and recognise spot damage and assess the severity of any damages quickly. By addressing these issues immediately, it can save you time and money. We believe that a healthy roof is important to so many factors of your life, we have listed three reasons why you should keep your roof in tip top shape.


A healthy roof protects your investment in your home

Your roof is one of the most significant investments you will make in your home. By performing ongoing maintenance on your roof you will help prolong its life, meaning your prolonging the life of your entire property. Roofs are a fundamental element to your home, so it makes sense to keep on top of regular maintenance. By doing so you are protecting your investment in your home all around.


A healthy roof increases home value

Your property’s roof is a selling point for your home, and it has the ability to increase its value. With Colorbond steel roofing coming in a wide array of colours, with energy-efficient technology, many home buyers take these extras into account. A new roof has the ability to increase your property’s resale property by up to $12,000.


Saves Money on Heating and Cooling

With your roof facing every element in the weather forecast, roofing in Adelaide needs to be properly ventilated and insulated to save you money on your heating and cooling costs. By using Colorbond steel for your roof you are using a material that comes with zinc/aluminium coating in order to prevent corrosion. The steel is then covered with a conversion layer and baked with a polyester primer on its surface, and finally covered with an exterior paint top coat in order to maximise durability.

Colorbond Steel also comes in thermally efficient light colours which can help with keeping your home cooler on hot days. Not to mention being a more environmentally friendly choice, as steel is 100% recyclable when they are no longer of use.


Your roof may be one of the least thought about components of your property, but is one of the most important. It protects your family, investment, reduces heating and cooling costs and provides you with peace of mind. For all your Adelaide roofing needs give the team at SA Quality Home Improvements a call today!

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