Four signs you need a roofing health check in Adelaide

Why Would you Need a Roofing Health Check in Adelaide?


At SA Quality Home Improvements, we believe that your roof is the most protective and important component of your home. A good roofing system will prevent water damage (which can be costly and hazardous), and other issues related to sun exposure. When your roof begins to deteriorate or becomes damaged, it can have serious repercussions on the overall well being of your home and those inside it.


To be proactive, and fix any roofing problems you may have in their early stages, you should look out for these four roofing issues that may mean your Adelaide roof needs some TLC.



From inside your home, any sign of natural light can mean that you have broken roof tiles or rusted areas of your iron roof. Although light may not seem damaging, when the winter months come around, this will present a way for water to find its way into your home. With section replacement and leak sealing, you can prevent these problems from causing additional damage. A quick preview of your ceiling space will determine whether any further action needs to be taken.



With iron roofs, rust is a good indicator that sheets need to be replaced. This is similar with gutters and flashings, as this can be an indicator of salt damage or leaking from evaporative cooling units. Rust can result in water damage from excessive leaking, and also provide access to your ceiling space for animals. Rust is a significant sign of a deteriorating roof and can be an indicator that your current roofing system needs repair or even replacement. At SA Quality Home Improvements we can help you remove these corroding areas and help you replace them with the brand new material.



A lot of these issues lead to leaking, so any interior water damage is the perfect sign of an unhealthy roof. Common signs may not be moisture, but mould, brown spots or stains on your roof or even bubbling of the Gyprock ceiling This can be dangerous for health reasons, as mould is detrimental to lung function in infants and the elderly. Similarly, interior ceiling damage can cause the material to collapse.



Finally, a sagging ceiling can be a sign that your roofing system needs a comprehensive roof check. Resulting from water damage or sun exposure this occurrence can lead to significant financial strain. If you experience sagging, and any of the other aforementioned signs, you should call SA Quality Home Improvements. With roof restoration services combined with roof replacement and alterations, we can take away the stress of these issues, and give your entire roof a comprehensive health check!


For a quote on all of your Adelaide roofing needs, call SA Quality Home Improvements today. The team of professionals will help you put your best foot forward to maintaining your home and avoiding further damage.

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