Why Choose Steel Roofing?

Are you thinking about re-roofing your Adelaide home? Tile roofing was once the popular choice in terms of roofing materials. Today, the majority of Adelaide homeowners are making a move to steel roofing for their homes. With steel roofs having an average life expectancy of between 40 – 70 years, the material exceeds that of a tiled roof. Here at SA Quality Home Improvements, we use 100% Colorbond steel for all of our roofing, but why? Find out below.



Colorbond roofing sheets are very durable adding to your roof’s overall life expectancy. By using steel, your roof will be able to withstand winds of up to 140-mph, is fire resistant and will not catch alight in the event of being struck by lightning, providing your home and family with the safety and assurance you deserve.



Steel roofing, particularly that of Colorbond, is made with from a metal sheet base that is combined with a zinc/aluminium coating in order to prevent corrosion. The steel is then covered with a conversion layer and baked with a polyester primer on its surface, and finally covered with an exterior paint top coat to maximise durability. In the event that your roof may require repairs, steel is durable enough to walk on, making the repair process more accessible. A tiled roof does not have the same durability and may require more maintenance by a professional.



One fantastic benefit to having a steel roof is how lightweight it is, and because of this, it needs very little structural support. Tile roofs may require replacements of reinforcements due to the heavy weight.


Energy Efficient

Steel roofing also enables you to be able to save money. A steel roof will reflect the heat of the sun, which in turn results in lower cooling costs. Colorbond Steel also comes in thermally efficient light colours which can help with keeping your home cooler on hot days. Not to mention being a more environmentally friendly choice, as steel is 100% recyclable when it is no longer in use.



A steel roof can be made to suit any style of home, business or neighbourhood. The choices are endless.


Colorbond steel comes in 20 different shades. This vast colour selection gives you the ability to create a design that will complement, not compete with it.

Steel roofing proves time and time again to be a durable, fire retardant and a low maintenance roofing solution. With the popularity of steel roofing growing at a rapid rate, get in contact with the team at SA Quality Home Improvements for a free quote. Our staff have all the knowledge, expertise to provide your property with exceptional results every time.

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