How your Roofing Impacts the Value of your Adelaide Home

First impressions count, how your roofing impacts the value of your Adelaide Home

Whether you are buying or selling, one of the core components of your home or a home you are considering buying, is the roofing system. For protection, look and functionality of your home, there is no understating the importance of your roof on the rest of your home.


At SA Quality Home Improvements we understand the importance of your Adelaide roofing system, and whether it is iron or tile, we know that keeping your roofing in good condition is vital to the resale value of your home. The following are some of the ways that your roof impacts the overall value of your property.



Your roof protects your home from the elements. Water damage can pose significant problems for the health and safety of those inside, as well as excess damage to interior walls, which can be expensive to repair. Prospective homeowners what to know that your roof is in good condition and can continuously protect from the weather.


A damaged or deteriorating roof may decrease the value of your home, as homeowners will know that they may need to dig into their pockets to repair it or maintain it.



It is no secret that your roof needs to look good. Being a large component of your home, neighbours, pedestrians and potential buyers will look at your roof as an all-encompassing component of your home. If your roof looks rusted or damaged by exposure, it may be deterring for these potential buyers. By completing a restoration with painting, or section replacements, you can entice buyers with the new and improved beautiful look to your home.



Your roof is the largest visible component of a home. To ensure the value of your home you need to make sure that this feature looks the part (as it is on display). It can be seen from the street and the yard, so during inspections or online, people will see your home and be drawn to your roof. If your roof is aesthetically pleasing, well maintained, or even remotely new, it will be preferable to the homebuyers out there.



Last of all, your roof has to work. Signs of rust, broken roofing sheets or tiles, or sagging gutters will probably mean that water doesn’t run off efficiently. Homebuyers will look for this, and it can affect the value of the property. Ensure that your roof is well maintained and functional, and you can potentially raise the value of your home.


If you are looking to sell, and want your roof to be up to scratch and potentially increase the value of your home, give the team at SA Quality Home Improvements a call. The Adelaide roofing experts will be able to complete restorations, section replacements and general maintenance tasks to ensure the look and functionality of your roof is preserved. Organise a quote with SA Quality Home Improvements today!

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