Why SA Quality Home Improvement Swimming Pools

Have the lifestyle you have been dreaming of with our vast array of stunning swimming pools from SA Quality Home Improvements. Enjoy a sense of luxury, whilst adding value, style and a contemporary finish to your Adelaide home.

Compass Swimming Pools Adelaide

Compass Swimming Pools by SA Quality Home Improvements offer an extensive range of fibreglass swimming pool designs, shapes, sizes, and colours. From small, medium to large sized pools available in a range of fantastic finishes, there’s a stunning design for every backyard setting. You can even customize your pool to create a truly unique design that perfectly matches your personal taste.

What sets us apart from other home improvement companies in Adelaide is the quality of our products. Compass pools have been one of the leading manufacturers in innovative fiberglass ceramic pools for decades. With the fantastic range of stunning colours with an unmatched depth and luminosity, we provide pools which have great aesthetic appeal.

Self Cleaning Swimming Pools

Imagine a swimming pool that cleans itself! Discover our exclusive Vantage self-cleaning pool system, a pool system that sets Compass apart from all other fibreglass swimming pool companies in the Australian and New Zealand market. This environmentally sustainable system will not only save you time and money, but its unique circulation is specially designed to significantly reduce the harmful effects of chemical usage.

Explore the unique features and benefits of the patented swimming pool technologies available at SA Quality Home Improvements, including our super-tough ceramic composite construction and our brilliantly luminous Bi-luminite™ colour finishes.

Adelaide Swimming Pools

If you’re contemplating whether or not to install a swimming pool in your Adelaide home, we can assure you the investment is worth it! Have you ever dreamt of spending your weekends relaxing by the pool, or escaping the harsh heat on a hot summers day with a refreshing swim, all in the comfort of your own backyard? You’ll be please to know that here at SA Quality Home Improvements, we can help make your dreams a reality.

The benefits of swimming pools go far beyond what meets the eye. Not only can having a swimming pool add significant value to your Adelaide home, they encourage quality time with family and friends, promote a healthy and active lifestyle and provide a fantastic oasis to relax and unwind. We can guarantee that you will enjoy the lasting benefits of having a quality swimming pool installed in your Adelaide home.

Thanks to our industry leading technology, our Compass Swimming Pools come with comprehensive protection. With the Compass guarantee, your new pool will have enhanced cosmetic protection with our ArmourShield technology, superior structural performance with our CeramicCore technology and comprehensive hydrostatic protection with our HydroPro System.

  • The pool that cleans itself – Vantage
  • Patented Ceramic Composite Technology
  • Freestanding and suspended Maxi-rib pools
  • Disappearing edge design
  • Customised pool/spa and pool/wader combinations
  • Patented high-performance hydrostatic relief valve technology
  • Peace of mind
  • Individual quality control
  • Comprehensive structural, interior surface and hydrostatic warranty
  • Fully transferable structural and hydrostatic warranty
  • Most innovative and experienced dealer network in Australia
  • Compass Pools Australian owned for 35 years

If you’re looking for more information on our range of available swimming pools, don’t hesitate to call our friendly staff in Adelaide today on 08 7007 6368. We are here to answer all your questions to ensure you get the exact product you are looking for.

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