How much does it cost to install a compass swimming pool?

What Effects the Price of a Compass Pool?

If you’re in the market for a swimming pool, chances are you’re wanting to know the overall cost and whether you’re going to get bang for your buck. Sometimes it can be hard to determine your pools cost straight off the cuff as there are various installation aspects that need to be considered. Reason being that every property is different. To help give you a better idea, we’ve listed some features that may affect the price of your new compass pool.


Pool Size

Probably the most apparent cost determinative factor to consider is your pool size. The Compass pool size that you choose will affect the price. Not only because of the extra materials needed to create a larger pool, but also the added work aspects associated, such as excavation costs, with a more extensive pool installation.


Pool Placement

In order to minimise the amount of groundwork and landscaping needed to create your ideal oasis, your perfect pool location will be in a flat area of your backyard. With new Compass Pools Maxi Rib technology, you are no longer restricted to your swimming pools placement, meaning you can install anywhere from the hills to the seaside. An added bonus is that this technology often works out to be much cheaper than opting for a concrete pool, saving you thousands!


Ground Conditions

If your property’s soil has a high water table, or soft or reactive soils extra work to achieve pool installation is required. To avoid any hidden costs further down the track, be sure to let your pool consultant know beforehand.


Backyards Accessibility

Majority of jobs are pretty straightforward, and having problematic backyard access does not always mean that a solution is going to cost you an arm and a leg. However, poor access can make the job a little harder for diggers and soil removal trucks. The easier it is to get into your backyard the cheaper your overall project will be.


Added Extras

When designing your new pool, you are presented with endless choices regarding your pool package. From spa jets to heat pumps, solar heating to LED lighting. All of these aspects affect your pool projects overall costs; it’s just dependant on what best suits your lifestyle.


Other things to consider

Be sure to check with your pool supplier about the items that are included in your pool package. At SA Quality Home Improvements, we proudly supply all of our customers with the following within the price of their Compass Pool packages:

  •    Supply and installation of pool shell
  •    Basic pool lighting
  •    Pool pump
  •    Filtration equipment


For all your Compass Pool needs, give SA Quality Home Improvements a call today! Our expert team will help you design the Compass pool you’ve always dreamed of.


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