What to Look for When Looking To Buy A Swimming Pool

Buying a Swimming Pool in Adelaide?

Swimming pools are a fantastic addition to any home, but they are also an extremely permanent one, so the decisions you make surrounding your pool can affect your satisfaction further down the track.


There are numerous aspects to take into consideration when creating your ideal pool design. Let’s have a look at some notable aspects you’ll want to take into consideration, ensuring you end up with the best pool available.


Why are you buying a pool?


The most important thing to think about when looking to install a swimming pool in Adelaide, is what you want to get out of your pool. Some see a pool as the perfect way to unwind and relax on a hot summer’s day, others see it as a way to keep the kids entertained.


Whatever your inspiration and motivations are, try your best to keep a focus on what you want from your pool.


The Best Way to Run or Operate Your Pool


An aspect that is often overlooked is the way you plan to run or operate your pool after installation. The operation of your swimming pool will influence your electricity costs, the chemicals needed to keep your water safe, the amount of maintenance time required and the value it will add to your property.


Majority of pools over the past 40 years all work off of a similar circulation operation system. Water is skimmed from the water’s surface and through a skimmer box. It is then pumped through a filter and returned through the pool jets. The idea behind this is that all the water will be circulated throughout the daily cycle.


The problem with this is that the water at the bottom of the pool remains un-circulated.


Pool systems such as Compass now offer swimming pools with enhanced circulation systems. Meaning that your pool water is mixed and circulated throughout the entire pool which leads to lower chemical usage.


Compass also have the option of choosing to install your pool with the Vantage in-floor system. This system not only ensures adequate circulation, energy and chemical efficiency, but it is also self-cleaning meaning you can spend more time to enjoy your pool the way you’re meant to!


What type of pool works best for you?


Your pool is a permanent structure and should be seen as an investment for your home. You will want to ensure that you are satisfied that your pool meets your immediate and future needs.  You will need to choose between concrete and fibreglass to find the pool that best suits you.


At SA Quality Home Improvements, we proudly supply Adelaide with Compass pools. Compass create fibreglass pools with a difference. Each pool comes with the Compass ceramic core technology which ensures that pool shells are more durable and can cope with seasonal ground movements.


If you’re looking to install a swimming pool, look no further than the team at SA Quality Home Improvements in Adelaide. We specialise in supplying South Australians with the best in fibreglass pool technology. Give us a call today!


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