Why should I Install a Self-Cleaning Swimming Pool?

Owning a pool is sure to make you a favourite amongst your friends come summer, but with prestige comes a little maintenance. Pools that are neglected are quick to become ‘frog ponds’, built up with algae, mosquito nests and various other health and aesthetic issues.

The average homeowner is capable of performing some of the pool maintenance on their own, however, all of which can be time-consuming. Luckily, the team at SA Quality Home Improvements source pools from Compass Pools. Our pools are available with the Vantage Self Cleaning Pool system. Vantage is a state of the art self-cleaning swimming pool that provides great circulation and takes the hassle out of daily pool maintenance so you can enjoy your pool the way you’re meant to.


How is a Vantage Pool Different?

For the past 50 years, the average in-ground swimming pools have been built with the same technology. Known as the ‘eyeball and skimmer’ system. It is suggested that a pools entire water contents should be circulated at least once during a 24-hour period. This helps to ensure any chemicals are adequately mixed, and making it hard for bacteria to grow.

The problem with the traditional ‘eyeball and skimmer’ system is that it is essentially just pushing water across the top of your pool skimmer. Meaning that it is only reaching the top half of your pool water.

A Vantage operating system has in-floor nozzles that work to push water around your pool in a circular fashion ensuring water is constantly moving. Water from the top is circulated to the bottom and vice versa, meaning it’s killing bacteria everywhere in the pool, great circulation also gets rid of those annoying cold spots.

Your Vantage pool will be the most hands-free pool you will ever own. All you have to do is empty your leaf baskets – no creepy crawlies, heavy robots or any other cleaning equipment required!


Advantages of selling a home with a Compass Vantage Pool

For some, buying a home with a pool can be a deterrent when looking at purchasing a property. Often, people associate pools with a lot of hard work. The great thing about a Vantage swimming pool in Adelaide is that it takes the hassle out of daily pool maintenance. Adelaide real estate agents love selling a home complete with a swimming pool with Vantage technology because they can sell the idea of a pool that you can truly enjoy. If you’re thinking about selling in the future, think about how the pool you choose will impact the sale of your house in the future.


Enjoy your swimming pool the way you’re meant to. Give the team at SA Quality Home Improvements a call today for your free quote. We can answer all your questions about our fantastic self-cleaning swimming pools!

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