Imagine Never Having to Clean Your Swimming Pool

What if you never had to clean your swimming pool in Adelaide 


If you’re thinking of installing a swimming pool, there’s no doubt that you’re thinking about all the good times, relaxing with friends and family while enjoying a swim on a hot summer’s day. What most people don’t take into consideration is all the manual cleaning required, the endless task of keeping your water chemically balanced, and the heavy lifting of automatic cleaners.


What if we told you there was a swimming pool out there that essentially cleaned itself, and actually did create that lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of? Well, there is! At SA Quality Home Improvements, we are the proud suppliers of the Compass Vantage Pool System. The Vantage operating system is designed to reduce your chemical usage, eliminate those annoying cold spots and keep your pool free from debris without the need for hand vacuuming and other cleaning equipment. Below we’ve listed some of the fantastic benefits surrounding the Vantage operating system, read on and find out for yourself!


How It’s Different From Other Pool Systems


For the past 40 years, swimming pools have all operated essentially the same way. Water is skimmed from the top of the pool and pushed through to the skimmer box. From here it is then pumped through a filter and returned through pool jets. The idea here is that the entirety of your pool’s water would be circulated throughout the daily cycle. The problem with this is that the pool’s bottom half remains un-circulated.


Vantage is different as it circulates your pool water from the bottom through to the top. Meaning every layer of your water is penetrated, which in turn eliminates any dead spots where bacteria and algae can grow.


Even in its natural state, the system is regularly circulating your pool water, something no other pool system will do.


Time-Saving Benefits


While your typical pool vacuums are labelled as self-cleaning, that’s not the case. You still have to make sure they are located in the right position and connected to a suction point. Having to go through this process every time your pool needs to be cleaned, especially during summer, is extremely time-consuming.


The Vantage system is permanently fixed in your pool, eliminating any annoying and time consuming set up. We offer the option of the Vantage in-floor cleaning system with any of our fibreglass pools.


Less Electricity and Chemical Usage


Just imagine how much money you’ll save by not having to run the various pumps and vacuums to keep your pool water clean.


The Compass, in-floor circulation system, will achieve top-to-bottom water circulation resulting in more efficient pool water sanitisation reducing up to 50 percent of pool chemical costs as well as saving you up to $600 a year in running costs.


We think the choice is clear if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly and time efficient swimming pool. The Compass Vantage system offers you benefits like no other. Get in contact with the team at SA Quality Home Improvements today to get the swimming pool you’ve always dreamed of!


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