How Do Self-Cleaning Pools work

Self-Cleaning Pools

It’s every Adelaide swimming pool owner’s dream to have a self-cleaning swimming pool. Imagine never having to set up the creepy crawly ever again? Or spending less time having to adjust the chemical levels? It was only a dream, until Compass Pools and SA Quality Home Improvements made it a reality.

At SA Quality Home Improvements, we are the proud suppliers of Compass pools, the brains behind the self-cleaning swimming pool! Know we know what you’re thinking, how does a Compass Self-Cleaning system work? Well, we’re about to tell you!

How Does It Work?

The Vantage operating system from Compass Pools is a water circulation system that is designed to reduce your chemical usage, eliminate those nasty cold spots and eliminate any debris without the need to spend hours’ hand vacuuming.

How Is It Different from A Regular System?

Unlike other systems, the Compass Vantage system will circulate the water from bottom to top. This means that all of the water levels are circulated, resulting in water that is free of cold spots. This will not only increase your swimming enjoyment, but it will lessen the likelihood of bacteria and algae growing and change your chemical usage resulting in a cost-effective and healthier place to swim!

Does it Really Compare to Robotic Cleaners?

Lots of people in Adelaide ask us whether their robotic swimming pool cleaner will do the same thing as a Vantage system? We like them to think of it like this; a robotic swimming pool cleaner will keep your water tidy; a Vantage system will keep your water clean while also removing debris. This is due to its constant circulation, which in turn, keeps your water healthier than swimming pools that have regular cleaning systems.

Vantage Will Save You On Energy Costs

No, you didn’t read that wrong, a Vantage system will clean your water and save you money. What’s not to love?

When compared to other swimming systems on the market, Vantage offers its users significant savings on running costs, $600 per year as well as reducing chemical usage by a whopping 50%.

Save Yourself Time and Money, Call SA Quality Home Improvements Today!

If you want an Adelaide swimming pool system that is safer, cleaner and healthier than any other on the market, you can’t go past a Vantage system by Compass Pools. Say goodbye to unsightly robots and suction cleaners and hello to the ultimate swimming pool experience.

Call SA Quality Home Improvements today, and start benefiting from the ultimate Adelaide swimming pool system today!

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