Should I buy a swimming pool?

We all know that Australian summers are hot, hot, hot. Having your own pool can transform your backyard into a beautiful oasis. All of that aside, why do you want a swimming pool? We think the real question here is why wouldn’t you want your own private Adelaide swimming pool? You may have a more practical reason like your children are on a swim team and need to train daily. Maybe you want one just because you can. We have listed some of the fantastic benefits to just how a swimming pool will benefit your home and lifestyle.


Recreation & Relaxation

There’s nothing quite like lying by the pool on a hot summer’s day with a drink in your hand. Or watching the kids have an absolute blast performing underwater somersaults and playing Marco Polo with the kids. It all sounds so clean, refreshing and a wonderfully healthy, wholesome good time.


Fitness & Therapy

Swimming on the regular is a great way to maintain fitness and good health, while preventing future medical issues. Swimming is considered to be one of the best types of exercise out there, and is proven to be better on bodies for the long term in comparison to sports such as tennis and netball. Not to mention it is great for all ages.



Pools are a great way to entertain company at your home, especially when Adelaide is experiencing one of its classic heatwaves. If you enjoy entertaining, then a pool gives you a fantastic opportunity to do it more often, think of all the summer pool parties you can have. We can even help you design a pool that has an almost seamless transition between house and deck through to your pool. Just remembering to ensure that all of the safety requirements are put into place.



Water tends to affect the senses. A swimming pool isn’t just a bunch of water. A well-designed pool can transform your backyard into an elegant outdoor oasis. Some pools are built to only be visually enjoyed, and they can help establish a theme in your landscaping and set the mood for your entire property. The possibilities are endless with waterfalls, vanishing edges and other unique amenities your pool can act as an inviting and relaxing centrepiece in your backyard.  Some pools are built to simply be visually enjoyed; they can help establish a theme in your landscaping and set the mood for your entire property.


If you’re thinking about investing in your own Adelaide swimming pool, get in contact with the team at SA Quality Home Improvements. Our team has extensive experience and promises to work with you to create the pool you’ve always wanted!

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