What are the benefits of an in-ground pool in Adelaide?

There’s no question that building a swimming pool is a significant decision. Choosing the right swimming pool for your Adelaide property and lifestyle is an even bigger one because it changes the landscape of your backyard forever. An in-ground pool is one of the most beneficial modifications you can make to your home.

While an in-ground pool is quite a big investment and you should make sure you choose a design that best suits you, it will give your home a new form of aesthetic beauty like nothing else will.

In-ground pools allow you to optimise the space in your home through landscaping, creating a beautiful oasis. However, they are more of a permanent structure compared to that of other swimming pools.

Installing an in-ground pool will cost much more than an above-ground pool. However, the benefits that come alongside it are endless.



In-ground swimming pools are much more durable than that of an above ground pool. Many homeowners choose an in-ground pool because of their durability. Above ground, pools are exposed to the elements as well as being vulnerable to sharp objects and overly excited swimmers. At SA quality Home Improvements, we use Compass fibreglass pools that are manufactured with ceramic core technology and an unmatched lifetime warranty so you can rest assured that your Adelaide Swimming pool is covered if anything was to go wrong with your new pool.


Increase in Property Value

When you wish to put your property up for sale, your home will typically have a higher resale value compared to that of a similar property without an in-ground pool. A home with a pool can be particularly attractive to some buyers, especially those with a young family or those who are looking to enjoy poolside leisure in their own home.


Refilling Costs

When it comes to having to top up your pool with more water, in-ground pools have proven to need less than that of an above ground pool, hence lower water bills. If well treated and no leaks occur your pool’s water will remain suitable for months on end, even throughout winter.


Less Maintenance

Less maintenance is required for in-ground pools compared to that of any other swimming pool. Above ground pools are can be susceptible to tears, while fibreglass in-ground pools are strong and durable for years to come.

Compass pools have developed the Vantage Self-cleaning swimming pool. The exclusive water circulation technology system that is designed to eliminate cold spots, chemical usage and keep your pool free of debris such as fallen leaves, without the need for regular hand vacuuming.


If you’re thinking about getting a swimming pool for the next Australian Summer, we think the choice is clear. In-ground pools offer you benefits that above ground pools just can’t compete with. Get in touch with the team at SA Quality Home Improvements, we are specialists in Adelaide swimming pools.

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