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Dutch Gable from SA Quality Home Improvements

Dutch Gable is a variation of the traditional gable end style roof where the gable sits upon a hip roof. It is a classic style that is able to complement & add value to all types of homes. Perfect for entertaining as an outdoor area or simply as carport on the side of your home, the Victory Verandah Dutch Gable design is a popular lifestyle choice with both a 108mm and 158mm portal beams enabling opening widths beyond 10 metres.

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For a contemporary design scheme for your home, we offer a curved alternative to traditional verandah roofing. Using high-quality rolled steel, we can provide your property with a unique look that has the functionality of a gable end roof.

Curved verandahs are a popular new trend for new homes. Available in different varieties and colours, curved-roofed verandahs and carports can provide further functionality to your home. The use of curved carports and verandahs is a relatively new concept. This provides the opportunity for the construction of a unique feature for your home.

Curved Verandah Roofing

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