4 Reasons to Add a Compass pool to Your Adelaide Home

Why You Should Add a Compass Pool to Your Adelaide Home


During the summer months, there is nothing better than a swimming pool. What better way to spend a scorching hot day than by your very own water oasis? However, swimming pools can be an expensive and maintenance driven addition to your home if you don’t choose the right one. Here at SA Quality Home Improvements, we are the proud suppliers of Compass Self cleaning swimming pools. We’ve listed four reasons why a Compass swimming pool is the only way to go, trust us by the end of reading this you’ll love them just as much as we do!




Compass pools require significantly less maintenance than regular in-ground swimming pool solutions. Compass have answered the public’s desires and create the Vantage Self-cleaning swimming pool. This state-of-the-art water circulation technology system is designed to eliminate cold spots within the water, minimise chemical usage and keep your pool free from unwanted debris, without the need for the time-consuming handheld vacuuming. Meaning you’ll spend less time maintaining your pool and more time enjoying it, the way you expected to!


High Durability


When looking for a swimming pool for your property, you’ll more than likely be presented with two options: in-ground or above ground. Above ground, pools are more susceptible to tearing as they are more vulnerable to the elements and sharp objects.


At SA Quality Home Improvements, we use Compass fibreglass in-ground swimming pools. Each pool is manufactured with ceramic core technology and an unmatched lifetime warranty, so you know you’re covered if anything happens to go wrong with your new Adelaide swimming pool. Now that’s peace of mind!


Increase your home’s property value

In the case of property resale, you’ll find that your home will typically reach a higher resale value compared to that of a similar property – minus the in-ground pool. Pools are an attractive aspect to prospective buyers, especially those with children or who are looking for a leisurely summer retreat in their own home.


Choosing to opt for the Compass Vantage Self-cleaning swimming pool is an added selling point. Who doesn’t want to enjoy everything a pool has to offer with minimal maintenance responsibilities?


Endless Design Options

At SA Quality Home Improvements, we offer our customers two fantastic swimming pool colour ranges to choose from; The Bi Luminite Colour System and The Vivid Colour System.


Each system provides you with endless choice in the colour of your pools surface so you can rest assured that your new compass swimming pool is going to be a beautiful addition to your property.


There you have it, just a taste of the incredible benefits that come with a Compass swimming pool. For all your backyard pool needs visit the team at SA Quality Home Improvements a call today!


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