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Electricity prices are currently soaring. A Solar PV system individually tailored to meet your needs can reduce or eliminate your power bills, leaving one less increase to the cost of living to worry about.

Great government financial incentives on offer means there has never been a better time.

Improvements in technology have made solar systems much more affordable and the government’s ‘Feed in Tariff Scheme’ offers ongoing financial benefits with electricity companies buying back excess electricity fed back to the grid. For a full explanation, please call us.

We only engage Clean Energy Council-accredited installers.

Talk to SA Quality Solar Power today, to arrange a free onsite consultation – we’ll guide you on the right Solar Power installation choice for your home.

We choose only to use quality solar systems.

Hybrid Solar

Power your home with a hybrid (battery storage) solar system.

Your solar system will charge your batteries during the day so that they can be drawn on during the night thus reducing your electricity consumption and charges.

Reduce your electricity costs even further, solar by day – hybrid by night

As electricity costs increase even further, the savings made by your solar system can be enhanced with hybrid.

The savings made by your hybrid system are “better than bank interest”. Call SA Quality Solar Power today to arrange a comprehensive analysis of your needs and a free quote.

Solar Maintenance and Servicing

It is true that solar systems are low maintenance but maintenance free however, unfortunately not. Over time leaves, pollen, dust and grime can build up not to mention bird droppings. These types of factors can impact your solar system dramatically even reducing the systems performance by up to 30%.

By choosing solar energy you have made a great investment and as with any investment it is imperative to gain the maximum return possible.

SA Quality Solar Power can ensure your solar system is operating safely and at the optimum level of performance by providing a full safety and performance check along with a professional solar panel clean. These services can be provided for a fraction of the cost of an under-performing solar system.

SA Quality Solar Power System Safety & Performance Check Includes

  • Check system performance
  • Confirm PV labelling
  • Check all wiring connections
  • Check all mounting system clamps
  • Check voltages
  • Check roof penetrations for leakage
  • Check isolation switches
  • Check earthing
  • Check main switch
  • Check weatherproof enclosures
  • Check PV circuit breaker
  • Check rooftop isolator
  • Visual inspection of panels
  • Remove debris
  • Clean all panels
  • Check system startup procedure

Is your Solar System at risk?

Thanks to improvements in solar technology along with generous government incentives throughout recent years there has been a huge increase in solar installations.

Unfortunately not all installations are to the latest and highest standards. Recent audits have found issues with the installation of some solar energy systems as well as issues with some system components which in the worst case potentially causing electrical fires to rooftop isolators.

SA Quality Solar Power can put your mind at ease by providing a full safety and performance assessment including a detailed written report. SA Quality solar power can also rectify any sub-standard installations and/or components that may potentially cause a risk.

A certificate of compliance will be provided by our A-class electricians for any electrical works completed.

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